MacNaught-Taillon Leadership Award

The MacNaught-Taillon Award in Health Policy, Health Information and Health Informatics was established to honour the outstanding and lasting contributions of Don MacNaught and Serge Taillon to the Canadian health care system.

Beginning in the mid-1980's in the Health Information Division of Health Canada, Don and Serge worked side by side to contribute their leadership in a spirit of cooperation to initiatives such as the National Health Information Council and the National Health Information Task Force.  Their vision, stamina and perseverance contributed significantly to the realization of the Canadian Institute for Health Information in 1994.  Whereas Don has been referred to as "Mr. Medicare" by former Health Minister Hon. Monique Begin, it is equally fitting to call Serge "Mr. Health Information".  In summary they deserve much of the credit for transforming healthinformatics to usable health information in Canada.

This award recognizes outstanding individual contributions to Canadian health care through emerging and exemplary leadership and mentorship in the advancement of health policy, health information and health informatics.


AWARD Criteria

  • Fostering linkages and exchanges related to health information between governments, academia and the health community;

  • Fostering pan-Canadian approaches to the development and adoption of standards for the collection, compilation and dissemination of health information;

  • Training the next generation of Canadian health policy/information/informatics professionals;

  • Development and articulation of a vision for an integrated health information system for Canada; and

  • Pioneering approaches to policy-relevant research and analysis of health information.


The inaugural award was presented to Denis Protti at the 1st Annual Canada Health Leadership Network Symposium (September 10-12, 2008, Montebello, Quebec).  The award is accompanied by a bursary to support futher training, research or education in health informatics and/or health policy that will be presented to an up and coming leader who will be designated at the discretion of the MacNaught-Taillon Award recipient.

2017 Recipient - Dr. Brian Postl

2014 Recipient - Dr. Leslie Roos

2011 Recipient - Richard C. Alvarez

2008 Recipient - Dennis Protti