The Jack Boan Student Essay Competition sponsored by The Justice Emmett Hall Memorial Foundation

The details for the 2019 Jack Boan Student Essay Competition can be downloaded here

Les détails pour le concours de dissertation 2019 peuvent être téléchargés ici.

In 2008, the Justice Emmett Hall Memorial Foundation launched its annual student essay competition. Its intent is to foster and celebrate Canadian health economics, health services and health policy research among undergraduate and graduate students.

Yearly submissions must address at least one of the five criteria for a national health service advocated by Justice Hall in the 1964 Royal Commission on Health Services Report that later formed the principles for the Canada Health Act: Public Administration, Comprehensiveness, Universality, Portability and Accessibility.

Three prizes are awarded annually for the best essay at the undergraduate, master, and PhD level. The competition typically begins accepting submissions in January and remains open until the end of March for any given year.

In 2015 the annual Justice Emmett Hall student essay competition was renamed to celebrate Dr. John (Jack) Boan's significant contributions to the filed of health economics and policy.

Essay Winners


Undergraduate Award: Tina Madani Kia

Master’s Award: Nishani Baskararajah

Doctoral Award: Crystal Milligan

2019 Abstracts here


Undergraduate Award: Kandice Power

Master’s Award: Amina Moustaqim-Barrette

Doctoral Award: Not awarded

2018 Abstracts here


Undergraduate Award: Elaine Xiaoyu Guo

Master’s Award: Krupa Kotecha, Priya Kotecha

Doctoral Award: Anita Minh

2017 Abstracts here


Undergraduate Award: Yan Xu

Masters Award: Harriet Ho

Doctoral Award: Helen Cerigo

2016 Abstracts here


Undergraduate Award: Andrea Crowe

Masters Award: K. Suzanne Maginley

Doctoral Award: Colleen A. Hanrahan

2015 Abstracts here


Undergraduate Award: Emmalin Buajitti

Masters Award: Jonathan Harris

Doctoral Award: Renee Carter


Undergraduate Award:  Evren DeSousa

Masters Award: Angie Natingor

Doctoral Award: Renee Carter


Undergraduate Award:  Dylan Meuser

Masters Award:  Clare Reade

Doctoral Award: Anna Durbin


Undergraduate Award:  Moreno Zanotto

Masters Award: Rebecca Mador

Doctoral Award: Anna Durbin


Undergraduate Award:  Farwa Malik

Masters Award: Christine Soon

Doctoral Award: Nour Schoueri


Undergraduate Award:  Robyn Fallen

Masters Award: Susann Camus


Undergraduate Award:  Timothy Roche

Masters Award: Immaculate Nevis

Doctoral Award: Michael Law

Jack Boan celebrating his 97th birthday in December 2014 in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Jack Boan celebrating his 97th birthday in December 2014 in Regina, Saskatchewan.